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Update 6/25/18 - Added a Blog Post about Some Reproduction Sega Carts I Made.
I made two videogame cartridges from scratch. One of them is Alien Soldier, and plays on my American Genesis.

Update 6/23/18 - Wow a Year With No Updates
I updated the logo, and added some art. Hopefully it won't be another year before I update this site again lol.

Update 5/16/17 - Started the Art Page
I'm working on a page that features pixel art and other sprites I've made.

Update 5/9/17 - Made a Blog Post
Read why it isn't a bad idea to pick up a Sega Geneisis.

Update 4/27/17 - 16Bit is going to have some content on it soon.
Excuse all the lorem ipsum dolor stuff. I'm still setting the general layout up. Anyway, I plan on making this site be similar to 2Bit somewhat, but it will be more about videogames and graphics from the 16 bit era. Hold tight.